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Snooker and pool tables

: Tap into the expertise of the company that's got a hundred years of snooker under its belt!It may be seen as the quintessential sport of the television age, but in reality, the invention of snooker dates back to the latter part of the Victorian era. One prestigious manufacturer of snooker equipment and other cue sports supplies that has spanned the history of the game is the famous British company, Riley. Whilst some companies dwell on past glories, Riley uses its history as a foundation on which to build a future in which technology plays a crucial role. There's no need to despair if what you're searching for are billiard tables for sale - they're available too.What's more, there's nothing to stop you from mixing and matching different table looks using the Aristocrat 'visualiser' tool on the Riley website.It's worth bearing in mind the importance of the dimensions of the room where the table is to be located.So, you've got the gear, now you can start playing like Jimmy White...at least, in theory!

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